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Both Halogen Headlights Stopped working

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Both of my headlights kn my 2017 dodge charger sxt which are halogen stopped working. I tried checking the fuse and relay in the front and trunk but there are no fuse for headlight. Can somebody help me if I had to change a bulb because i doubt both of my bulbs went out at same time. All the other lights are working fine just the high and low beams not working


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Vid on location for all fuzes responsible for lights

Check Ext Lighting #1 & #2 fuses.
Check Ext Lighting #1 & #2 fuses.
I have checked them but they are perfectly fine, when i remove the fuse 6 trunk light goes off which shows that it is working
Check Ext Lighting #1 & #2 fuses.
so just checked and both the bulbs were out, changed them and its working fine. Its very unusual rhat both of them died at same time
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