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Hello all!
If you mash the gas from a dead stop, Foot on brake, then instant WOT; Do your tires break loose and will you chirp 2nd? My first '06 R/T R&T Charger would almost always spin the tires and sometimes chirp 2nd and it was less modded than my current one; only had a K&N CAI and same Magnaflow Cat-Back. . .

My '06 Daytona has 19k miles(just hit that two days ago), sits on new 255/55 Nitto NT420s tires with stock 18s. It has a Custom Diablo Tune, aFe Stage-2 CAI, MagnaFlow Cat-Back, Billet Tech. EGR Delete(for SRT8 headers waiting to be installed), Billet Tech. Catch Can, Pedal Commander, and a TranZformer now. It will not ever spin the tires unless I'm in Linelock or Burnout modes...
I have the TZ cranked to 99% on all upshifts and 99% scaling, yet still no chirping or anything.

Thoughts from more experienced LX owners would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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