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:Racing:Registration is now open for the Meet in the mountains car show:Racing:

With only 44 days left, its time to get those last minute mods done! Compete against the ForumZ networks best rides.

In order to register for the car show, please reply to this thread. I will be keeping a list I will be updating in this thread.

Pre-Registration costs are $7.00
Registration @ the event is $10.00

For those who wish to preregister for the event, please sent payment via paypal to [email protected]. When sending payment please provide your screenname in the paypal comments so I can keep track

Money toward this event goes to goody bags and prizes being awarded @ the car show registration and the opening reception.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or PM me

Categories and Places that will be given:

Best Engine Mods (1st & 2nd) (Performance Oriented....maybe it's time to get that show poster in the works:D)

Best Appearance Mods (1st & 2nd) (Overall, exterior, interior, and engine bay)

Most Unique Mods (1st & 2nd) (up to voter's discretion)

Favorite Car (1st & 2nd) (up to voter's discretion)

Best Sound (1st & 2nd) (Best Exhaust)

Best in Show

Greatest Distance Traveled (Will be judged based on the M&G Registration Database)

Registered Members:
1) DRP6982 (Paid)
2) Bullish (Paid)
3) Sublime498 (Paid)
4) Krazy Kim (Paid)
5) Sublime0611 (paid)
6) Cibalo (paid)
7) Rubbel (Paid)
8) Sandman2053 (paid)
9) O8BEE656 (paid)
10) latitud (Paid)
11) B5 Bill(Paid)
12) BurkDadHemi (paid)
13) Nanook (Paid)
14) Fyrewing (Paid)
15) damageinc (Paid)
16) Bshaw27 (paid)
17) fryertuck (Paid)
18) Dave0 (Paid)
19) Scarlt_FVR (Paid)
20) Pe0n (Paid)
21) Todd0218 (Paid)
22) Finch23 (Paid)
23) Stocksux (Paid)
24) BMC Performance (Paid)
25) SRT8U (Paid)
26) Mr Morgan (Paid)
27) Revmarc (Paid)
28) pukkasrt8 (Paid)
29) Punisher1520 (Unpaid)
30) gfd832 (Paid)
31) caledon (Paid)
32) Texas Torred (Unpaid)
33) fireproof RT (Unpaid)
34) Traincrafter (Paid)
35) TIDRLS (Paid)
36) bluedog (Paid)

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Since I live here I will be there for sure. No mods to my car. I got a big dent in the rear quarter panel by a drunk guy, but it really didn't do much for the aerodynamics like we thought so guess i'll have to get it fixed real soon. LOL.

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lol with enough of us and enough beer, we'll have that dent out in no time! I'll be there with another sublime!

Well, we are allowed to BYOB for the opening reception because its located in the hotel, but we are not allowed to bring it to the car show since its outside (Either City or State Law) However, we have arranged 2 bars to be set up by the hotel which will be at the show

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I hope all of you have fun.... I wish I could join you, I'd love to be there. :)

Hey bull, what do you think of this??? :4-dontknow:

O My ****ing God...
I wish you were coming but at the same time..
Since you are not going.. It gives us POOR people have a chance in winning.. :D

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ill have to wait on paying till i get there if i am able to bring my car just depends on the body shop now i wish it was just a dent thitt18 i got hit by a 16 year old changing the radio : (

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I'm in and will go ahead and pay when i get there. Thanks

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I don't have much of a chance competing against some of the awesome rides here on the Z, but I might have a chance at winning the furthest travelled...unless we get some of the other bums from Canada competing!
I'll join in anyway for the fun of it! I'll send the paypal tomorrow.
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