Carven 15-20 Dodge Charger Hellcat 5" Exhaust Tip (Ceramic Black), Still pretty mints condition. Took off after sold my hellcat, This are solid build nothing can go wrong. Normally retails for 249.99 rarely any promotion or discounts going on...attaching pictures is an actual items you will be receives. Guarantee sound/tone much deeper than stock tips, but no guarantee your car gonna go any faster as is...haa..haa...payment can be arrange paypal plus shipping my guess around $15 bucks or less depend where you are...Everything are still in original box...just like you just buying a new one....of best offers..

Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Automotive tire Fender Automotive exterior

Automotive tire Comfort Flooring Gadget Audio equipment

Automotive tire Wood Tints and shades Circle Auto part

Artifact Chemical compound Font Fashion accessory Metal

Rectangle Road surface Font Tints and shades Beige

Table Cup Drinkware Dishware Serveware

Brown Rectangle Packaging and labeling Font Tints and shades