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Code decoding help...

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Anyone have some time and able to assist with putting me on the right track to solving this mystery…? The ABS and traction control lights came on in my wife’s 2013 Pursuit Charger 2 days ago. I had her pull over, shut off the car, then start it back up, and the lights cleared. The ABS and traction control lights have not been on, since.

I took it to the dealer today, and they pulled the codes from the BCM and said that it would have to be diagnosed; but, from what he could see, it’s either the ABS module or the right rear wheel speed sensor that triggered the lights on the dash. There are other codes listed as well; so, I’m not sure if a.) they’re all related or there are multiple issues, bl) if there’s even still a problem, given the dash lights are not lit, and/or c.) it is a failed truly a failed module or sensor.

All dealers in the area are backed up for 8-10 days; so, if it’s something relatively small and still in need of a fix (speed sensor), we could pick up a genuine Mopar sensor take it to our local mechanic.

See attached screen shot of the codes.



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The active codes look like bs codes, im not a mechanic but Chrysler products suffer from many bs codes like this or something is shorted or if you have a led bulb it may throw the code. Something happened in the wheel speed sensor that threw the code but it was stored. Looks like the tone ring may be damaged since it is not active, there is probably a deformation on the ring.

Attack first the easy stuff. Most of the time ABS light and traction control light are on at the same time is a sensor.
1. clean the connector and the speed sensor.
2 if it does not work order one on ebay. My 2015 Chrysler 300 had 3 of them broken, i order the fronts for $38 shipped, and for the rear i had to go to Advance auto parts around $35.
3. If the problem still persist replace the ABS tone ring, this is more complicated. You need to take apart the suspension because the ring is on axle inside the hub.
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Thank you for taking the time to respond and for the info...

I'm going to start with #2 replacing the sensor, itself; however, there are 2 part numbers that appear to fit the right rear of a 2013 Pursuit Charger (RWD, 5.7). The part numbers are 4779642AA and 4779646AB. Depending on the site, it lists different BR codes, which I am assuming are brakes (and each site is not consistent with the BR codes). For example, the only difference on one site in the description is that 4779642AA is compatible with [BR3] Or [BR5] Or [BR6] and 4779646AB is compatible with [BR4] Or [BR8].

Assuming BR = brakes...? If so, how would I know which brakes came with the car...? Is that an RPO code, and if so, is there an RPO sticker somewhere on the car...?
For my 2013 Pursuit Charger, RWD, 5.7, the right rear sensor number is 4779646AE (confirmed by a local dealer). Fits [BR4] Or [BR8] brake set-ups.
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