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Hi Everyone
I'm new here and am hoping to get some advice. 2006 Charger.
Last summer I needed an upper control arm replaced. I went to my regular mechanic as I trust them and they have been fair with me for years. I was told that they could not just do one arm but had to do both. I do not remember the reason but another mechanic I know conformed this. Maybe the part was changed or something. Anyway to make matters worse the shop received two right arms and the mechanic for whatever reason did not notice and installed them. Of course the alignment was out of whack so I took it back twice before they realized what had happened. They redid the whole job with new parts. Once I got the car back I noticed that the wheels were no longer centered in the wheel well. They are closer to the front. There is about 2" clearance at the front of the tire and 4" at the rear. Maybe it was like this before but I don't think so. I am now hearing a clunking coming from the front right which sounds suspiciously like a control arm. I am sure the garage will fix it under warranty but I am concerned that they may have mixed up R & L when they redid the job last summer. The reason I feel this way is the fact that the tires are not centered in the wheel well and the ball joint is not in the same position as other Chargers I have looked at. Perhaps it's because of the possible change to the part but I don't know for sure. If the parts were mixed up L & R, would that cause premature wear on the arm/ball joint? It seems it is possible to install them on the wrong side as I explained earlier. The job cost me a lot of money so I would like to get it fixed under warranty. I also do not want to insult them by suggesting they messed up.
Thanks for any insight any of you may have to offer.
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