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I recently caught a Subaru Forester with my Charger.... There wasn't a question of liability, but to have had a video would have been nice. I have become a fan of the Dashcam and found this one on Amazon...

And as I wanted a clean installation, I referred to this forum for accessory wiring located in Passenger side A Pillar. The wire colors were little different than example. I found 12V was Salmon/Silver (12V) and Black/Green (GND) and tapped wires appropriately.


After finding the camera is powered by a Micro USB connector, I was reluctant to mess with Cig Lighter circuit and homer the board inside, so I bought a $9.99 12V/5V converter with small inline 7805 DC/DC step down.

I wired it up to accessory power circuit, and then poked the small converter into headliner and routed the camera wiring across front of headliner to the camera location by poking it gently into the headliner with a small plastic poker tool.

The camera comes with two pedestals. There is one with suction cup, the other is a VHB adhesive pad and is lower profile. This is the one I opted for. You can easily removed the camera from the pedestal and use it on Suction mount if you have temporary and/or sharing across more than one car.

Attached are some pictures of my work.... thought I'd share. Nothing major, but it is assurance and something I don't want to have to think about in future. Also, it seems with this, you can provide helpful video to others, should need arise... or you have to demonstrate what happened.

The camera has great deal of functions. It loops video to memory card, has a parking monitor and if it is subjected to more than 5G's it will permanently hold the video loop previously recorded, so as to not lose it. The camera sound can be turned off, but when it wakes it has a cheesy tone chime that I cannot seem to eliminate.

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