Black matte Carbon fiber on the top and bottom of the wheel. The upholstery (the sides of the steering wheel) is a black alcantara leather-pretty expensive leather from Japan.

The top portion of the steering is fitted with its own lcd screen and led shifting lights. I’ll send a picture of what it looks like.

The stitches around the the steering wheel is red and there’s also a 12 o clock red racing stripe on the steering wheel. Fits dodge chargers from 2015 and +
You’ll have to attach the buttons from your original steering wheel (they work better than if you get them from the company) and of course your factory airbag will be fit in with the steering wheel as long as it’s a 2015+ Dodge Charger.
I purchased it for $1,299.00 plus tax
I’ve never used it nor have I ever touched it. In fact I haven’t received it yet. I should have it in 2 weeks though. Making it takes a while. It’s like a 6-7 week process to manufacture it
I’m selling it for $1,100.00 and I’ll even cover the shipping.
Reason why I’m selling it is because I can’t get a refund for buying the wrong model.