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Hey everyone so I have a 12 SE and I was going to do leather bucket seats for the front. And to match I wanted leather rear seats. I found some black ones from an SXT in good condition for $150 and they are 150 miles away.
Rear Seats
1. Are all leather seats from SXT-SRT the same bolstering wise? Only difference being suede and leather inserts/designs?
2. If I got a pair of heated rear seats and the controls on the rear A/C panel could I make it work fairly easy or would it cause a headache and just leave the heated seats unplugged?
Door cards
I wanted the red door cards that have the diagonal stiching instead of my plain leather inserts.
1. So would any red leather door cards just match up to my doors to work with my door buttons and functions ofcourse besides memory seats
2. If the door cards come with beats speakers could they initally just replace my current speakers or is there more that comes in to play?
(i have absolutely no clue or speaker swaps or amps besides the 8.4 upgrade)

Thank you for any knowledge in advance.
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