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TL;DR: The DSR1 processor I installed to bypass the amp will not output audio on startup. Any help would be appreciated, full story below.

I recently replaced all of the speakers in my car and removed the center channel. I installed 4 K series 3.5" Kicker's in the dash and rear doors and 4 6.5" K series component Kickers in the front door and rear deck. The sub I replaced with a Kicker L7 15" along with a T10000bd Rockford Power amp when I got the car 7 years ago. Installed 2 4-channel amps; 1 for the 3.5s and 1 for the 6.5s. Went through the usual process of installing firmware on the DSR1, bluetooth, then maestro, then RF. Installed it in my car using the aCH2 T-harness and the 4EXT so the DSR1 sits in the trunk. After some initial speed bumps, I was finally able to connect via Bluetooth with my phone, go through config wizard, but there was no audio (well, there was audio for all of about 3 or 4 seconds). I could hear the speakers "click" as I turned them off and on with the PerfectTune app but no music.

In the process of troubleshooting and trying various set-ups and configurations I figured out I could get it to output audio if I did the following: Start the car, open the app and let it connect to the DSR1, go back to the home screen or switch apps, reopen the PerfectTune app and press the upper right where it says "PerfectTune", "Main", or "Aux" until it says "Aux" (if it already said "Aux" I'd have to press it and come back to "Aux"). Only then would I get sound from all channels. If switched to "Main", only front speakers and subwoofer would play. With it set to "Aux", I could get great sound, all the controls on my factory head unit would work, steering wheel controls work, everything. Once the car is shut off, I would have to go through that process all over again the next time I start it to get audio again.

I can't be the first person to install a DSR1 in a Charger with an 8-channel Alpine system. So far I've gotten no useable help from support, I've tried a few different firmware setups and the end-result is the same, except audio quality is not at as great with some of them.

Hoping someone else either already has the answer to this issue, or has a similar setup and can tell me if maybe I need a different T-harness or something along those lines. Any help is appreciated.
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