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Is your engine craving more fuel?

If you've done any kind of Engine Mods then you need to get a Fore Precision Fuel Hat.

Chrysler LX / LC triple fuel hat
Fore Precision has perfected the ultimate fuel system upgrade for LX/LC owners. Our install and forget triple pump fuel hat has powered full weight Mopars to faster than 9.50 in the quarter mile in complete street trim. (Fixer Motorsports prepped street car)
2005-2009 300C
2006-2010 Charger
2008-2010 Challenger
2005-2008 Magnum

Features and Benefits:

Small in-tank pumps offer OEM reliability, low noise levels, and phenominal performance- Our approach to is no match for any other system in terms of performance, reliability, noise levels, or factory-like vehicle integration.

Complete OEM fuel tank functionality including full system capacity, operability at low fuel levels, retained level senders, and fuel filler neck

Accommodates dual or triple Walbro 255 lph pumps - Easily supports over 1200 rear wheel horsepower in forced induction applications. (similar delivery to "2000 hp" external pumps)

Easy bolt-in installation - Upgrade the entire fuel system in a few hours without cutting or fabrication.

Optional treatment for alcohol fuels (E-85) available
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