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i posted this on another forum. the pics are from there. but item and price is the same!! let me know!

spread the word... tryin to get rid of this thing...

Arai RX-7 Corsair motorcycle helmet, Tommy gun Blue... When it comes to top of the line in comfort and safety buy arai
. I only used this helmet twice, my motorcycle was stolen 2 days after I bought the helmet... But I finally dug it out of storage so its up for grabs!!! When I bought it I paid 800, ebays selling them for 599 and amazon has them at 429...

My price is. $350 SHIPPED!!!

Its a great helmet and it deserves a good home..

Arai RX-7 corsair, size XL. Comes with grey storage bag as seen in pictures. No scratches dings marks or imperfections. Like I said only worn twice...

***cat not included*** :p

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$300 shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

ive also got 3 paintball guns with all the gear and 2 good barrels, a few bowie knives and a pair of martial arts sai's with a carrying case and gloves(go ninja go ninja go ninja go!)

Let me know if any of you would be interested in any of that other stuff so i can take pictures of it for you. the paintball guns are a
- 2002 autococker
- spyder kingman amg
- syder pirahnna
id take a pic but its a lot of stuff and if noones even looking for it im not gonna bother lol so let me know!! and buy my helmet!!! support my modding!!!

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All bowie knives are 2 for $25 shipped.

Raging thunder

The General

Aztec Warrior

Sante Trail Bowie

The Nautilus 2



Buffalo Skinner

Backwoods Combo

Sais with case and gloves $25 shipped.(theyre pretty heavy 4lbs total with case)

and one more for good measure lol


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no takers?!?! bump bump bump...... price updates!!

ARAI HELMET $250 shipped.... take the damn thing already...
All bowie knives.... 2 for $25 Shipped!!!!
Sais $25 shipped!!!

buy buy buy, also if anyones interested ive got
-3 sick paintball guns
- 2002 auto cocker (red)
- Spyder kingman AMG with case and all accesories (chrome/silver)
- Spyder pihranna (red)
-2 sick dye barrels(1 stock barrel)
-2 coil CO2 tank hoses
-2 CO2 tanks(large size)
-2 pod belts
-4 small pods and 2 large pods
-3 bendy squeegies 1 straight squeegie
-1 normal hopper and 1 auto feed hopper
-1 nice mask with storage bag

If anyone wants pics of this paintball stuff please let me know, its a lot of stuff and a lot of pictures so ill post them only if someones interested. Buy my stuff

again like i said this is from the other forum im on and just dont wanna retake pics, if anyone has concerns about ownership ive got plenty of pics of the cat lol and i can take another pic with all the stuff rewritten with this UN. let me know! this stuffs taking up room and needs to go to a good home!!
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