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2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit, 392 LSD diff, AFE, No cats 2.5 exhaust Dynomax bullet muffers
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I am a 71-year-old motorhead that has not built a hemi since the 60s yes old gen 1 steel head...
I never lost my love for them but could not afford to play the game as the years went on.,

I sold my motorcycle and toys now ready to play on a limited budget.

I am not afraid to build an engine, did my 1st when I was 16 years old ...
But mostly motorcycles since then, also a computer geek so not afraid of electronics

I’m hoping I can buy a 2008 or 2009 charger or Chrysler with high mileage for under $2500 and possibly re-build and add a stroker kit the block To have some fun with....

I have a 10 to 12k budget... ok stop laughing....

Rebuild and shift kit auto transmission $$...??

I see that stroker kits with all forged parts for $2300 to $2700
Need to boil block and have.0030 over boar , cylinders honed ... etc $$$..??
Redo valves and or replace valves and assume new springs... $$...??
cam & lifters $$...??
Gasket kit ... timing chain... etc $$...??

Not sure if the stock FI setup will work or just change injector size and map & re tune?
Headers..with. 3” exhaust all the way back...
Biggest rims and tires I can stuff on rear....????

So it is a budget build ... hopefully get 440hp @ crank if more even better ???

Will stock differential and axels work?
What is going price on a posi chunk? ????
Thinking also 3:90 to 4:11 gears ?????

And later maybe 4 link etc.... to hook it up

I’m sure there’s a lot I am forgetting...
I would really appreciate any help and guidance ......
and advice on planing this project and if it’s just not feasible I appreciate the truth ..

Too old to waist my time...
Tony in Florida
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You will want the 2009+ model years for the 5.7L Hemi. FCA redesigned the engine for 2009 (code named Eagle). The Eagle engine and heads are a big improvement over the pre-Eagle engines. Eagle engine also has VVT (variable valve timing). You can do a MDS delete and install non-MDS lifters when you do the cam.
You will not need a 4-link as the rear suspension is already a 5-link. Unless you buy a SRT, the R/T models came with open-differential. You will want to install a limited-slip differential when you change rear gear ratio. If you install 3:90 or 4:11 gears you will not be driving on the highway much. These gears were fine with the 3-speed TorqueFlite (A-727) but the new Chargers (circa 2009) have a 5-speed auto transmission (NAG1 W5A580) and the transmission gearing is different (1 Gear: 3.59, 2 Gear: 2.19, 3 Gear: 1.41, 4 Gear: 1.0, 5 Gear: 0.83). Standard Charger has 2.65 or 2.69 rear gears. R/T Road&Track, SRT, etc ... have 3.06 or 3.09 rear gears ... and 1st gear is short lived. Below is a link to a calculator for estimating the engine RPMs with different rear gear ratios.
Also, when building your engine be sure to get a custom tune. DiabloSport is the preferred programmer and HemiFever Tuning is one of the email custom tuners. You use the DiabloSport to log the engine running and email the log file to HemiFever. HemiFever emails back a custom file to install on the engine using the DiabloSport. The new Hemi engines have a PCM (powertrain control module, aka ECU/ECM) and the PCM uses the Speed Density table method for controlling/tuning the engine. The values in the Speed Density tables have to be updated in order for the engine to respond to any modifications made to it. Other parameters will also need to be updated in the PCM for MDS delete, rear gear ratio changes, etc ...
Everything is software controlled. You make a change ... you update the software to match.
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