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I've been doing some reading on AFR and have asked questions in other threads but kinda wanted to get just something pretty basic on one thread going. If the info is good maybe we can cut, chop, and sticky the info into a just info thread.

Also does anyone think it is or should be a good idea to post up our tunes & / or data logs? With say, I have these mods on this motor, and this is the custom tune that worked best for my car, or I have these mods and I adjusted my basic 93 CAI tune this way, etc....
for logs we can just post up simple drives to the store, maybe runs down the track or whatever we come up with. then we can compare each others tunes & or logs with ours and possibly adjust here or there as necessary. granted you can't take a 426 tune and compare with a 5.7 with CAI, but it is intended for people with similar mods to compare and help them with their own cars?
Plus by doing this it should help us understand our motors and tuning alot better. Seems there is only a small handfull of good tuners out there and that just seems like a shame.

So for my questions, what is the best way to start out adjusting a tune?

Start with adjusting AFR? then log, readjust as necisary, log etc..until set then go to timing?
Start with adjusting timing? then AFR?

Anyone got tips ideas or how too's
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