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Over the years of owning several cars, I have always looked for a good mechanic/body shop in the area that did good work and had good prices. Even though my family used this mechanic a lot, I always found myself trying out shops that friends would recommend. I always ended up getting screwed.

Some examples:
1. My friend recommended this brake shop to me. I went there to install brake pads which I supplied and the guy said no problem. He quoted me $40. I later got a call saying the rotors needed to be replaced and they don't do "just brake pad installs".

2. A friend recommended R*****s Tire in Newark. I asked for a checkup on the clutch and a quote for repair. Two days later I get a call saying it's done and it's $600. I never approved any work. I got my car back and never paid. That tactic is illegal and they never pursued it legally, because they knew they would lose. They replaced the Master and slave cylinders. A month later the clutch blew destroying the new slave and master cylinder.

Every time I strayed I got screwed. This weekend I went to get the first oil change on my Charger. I provided the Royal Purple oil and filter. I asked him to also rebalance my wheels using the stick on weights instead of the clip ons. Once he was done, he told me it was on the house since it was the first time for the Charger and we use them a lot.

He previously comped the bill on my mother's car for some motor mounts also.

Also while I was there, another customer came in to pick up a vehicle and pay his bill. Jason only charged him for the parts and comped the labor.

These types of things create repeat business. Great customer service.

I definitely recommend Newark Auto Body and Service on Ferry St. in Newark.

PS - I asked for a quote on labor for install of camshafts for my SXT and he said about 8 hours or $500-$600 for labor. That is a great price compared to other quotes I've seen on the forum.
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