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STOCK HID (D3S) bulbs swapped out !

After many hours of research and unknowns, an HID bulb swap CAN BE DONE ! (For Chargers that come with stock HID projectors)
Through all the hours of research I have done, and with the help of a friend the stock bulbs in the stock projector CAN BE SWAPPED ! There is a secret to it, and my good friend has shown me how to do it. There are no special tools needed, but a lot of patience, and slim fingers goes a long way.

1. Open hood and locate the "dust cover" for your headlight bulb.
2. Remove "dust cover" by twisting it off.
3. Feel into the projector opening, and you will feel a square base for your stock bulb.
4.Just in front of the base of the HID is a black ring with "ledges" or I call them finger catches. This is what you need to put pressure on to turn the ring. (if you face the car from the front, the ring needs to be turned to the left) DO NOT APPLY TOO MUCH PRESSURE. Just enough to feel the ring turn. THIS IS ONLY A LOCKING RING....NOT SOMETHING YOU NEED TO TWIST AROUND AND AROUND. Maybe less than a quarter turn will release the bulb)
5. After turning the ring, push base downward. NOT TOO MUCH PRESSURE). The bulb should come out along with ring.
6. Disconnect wire from bulb.
7. Slide the stock HID bulb out at the bottom of the ring.
8. Slide in new D3S bulb (connector to bulb facing downward)
9. Now is the tricky part. PATTIENCE IS NEEDED HERE. At the top of the ring (opposite of the opening where you slid the bulb in, there is squarish cut out in the ring) This is where the notch on the rubber grommet on the D3S bulb should be placed. There is a tab on the ring that slides into that rubber grommet. This locks the bulb in place so it will not move.
10. Return ring with bulb to opening of projector. Connector on bulb should be facing down put it into the projector opening and turn slightly to the left if you are doing this from directly in front of the car. Push lightly in and turn to the right. The ring should be locked in place. It may take a few tries, as it took me a few times to get the ring in the slot and locked in place.
This is for my 2013 Dodge Charger Daytona. If you decided to do this, do it at your own risk. If you are not comfortable enough, take your car to a reputable shop and have them do it. Ask first if they have any experience with this.
NOT an easy job, but well worth it. I have attached pics for you to reference. The pic of my car is where you can see color closely matched with HID.
I originally had a shop put in 8K bulbs, and they refused to tell me how it was done. (Don't know why...maybe they were pissed because they had a hard time figuring it out and had to remove my fascia). One of the bulbs went out that night, so went to a friend today to learn how to remove and swap. I now have 6K. For some reason the 8K bulbs after being installed were shining with a big purple tinge through the projector lens) 6K is closer to match my LED fogs.
I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU BREAK SOMETHING, but I take all the credit if this helps you and IT WORKS ! LOL !
For Best HID lights go checkout undergroundlightings . They have high-quality products at a very affordable rate.
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