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Hey guys, I hope this isn't a re-post, but does anyone know if the MyGig is compatible with the older chargers? I have a '06 Daytona and the old Navi is NOT cutting it for me. I want the new one. What do I need? and how can I pull it off? Any ideas?

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Here is something I have found for a write up.

How to Install MYGIG Unit into 05-07 LX

Items needed to install MYGIG into Pre-08 LX

(1) MYGIG RER Nav Radio****low speed model only****Chrysler part# 5064401AH or higher revision. example part# ending in AI or AJ or higher.

(2) MYGIG adapter lockpick with optional A/V harness***Do not get confused with MYGIG lockpick***

This is available from Dom @ TVandNav2go(supporting vendor). You can contact them at [email protected] or call them at 718-763-7367. In my experience his service is top notch service.

(3) Nav Antenna for MYGIG

(4) Mopar Mic for U-Connect operation Part#82211743AB for about $35-40(uconnect is built into unit, Mic is required for operation)

(5) Clock Fix Firmware Update Disk(clock on mygig would normally not work in 05-07 LX, this corrects the problem)

The next 2 items are only require if you intend to subscibe to Sirius. Sirius is built into mygig, these items are required for proper operation

(6) Sirius Sat Antenna Extension Cable - Chrysler Part#05064159AD(2 may be required depending how you route it) (only required if your going to subscibe to Sirius)

(7) Terk Sir-SP Splitter (only required if your going to subscibe to Sirius and have EVIC display)

(8) Cable Tie Wraps

Tools Requires: Basic Hand Tools

Installation Instruction:

IMPORTANT: Prior to beginning disconnect negative terminal from battery

(1) Old Head Unit Removal

(A) Remove Bezel
(B) Unplug Clock harness(if applicable), ESP switch harness and HVAC harness
(C) Remove Radio by removing (4) screws and unplugging all connectors from rear of head unit.

(2) Prepare Car and Lockpick Adapter

(A) Install New MYGIG NAV antenna(swap out with REC antenna or just adhere to top of plastic duct work behind radio)
(B) Route Sat Extension cable(s) from rear of car where old sat tuner is installed to front of car behind radio. Run the cable underneath the side trim that holds the carpet down then under the dash to back of the radio.
(C) Install U-Connect Mic to place of your choice, I mounted mine to the top left hand corner of the windshield.(see picture below)Run the wire under the a-pillar then under the dash to behind the radio.
(D)Configure dip switches of lockpick adapter unit per lockpick adapter instructions.

(2) Prepare MYGIG unit(see connection diagram below)

(A) Plug in NAV antenna
(B) Plug in AM/FM antenna adapter supplied with lockpick adapter to MYGIG
(C) Plug in AM/FM antenna cable into adapter.
(D) Plug in SAT extension cable into MYGIG
(E) Plug in male end of lockpick adapter T-harness into rear of MYGIG
(F) Plug in Female end of lockpick adapter T-harness into factory radio harness
(G) Plug in U-connect mic into MYGIG
(G) Plug in optional Lockpick adapter multimedia harness into rear of MYGIG(optional)*this will give you A/V input and output capabilities. For example, rear/front camera input, Audio/video out to headrests or Audio/video input from VES system.

*Use cable ties to keep wires neat and install clean

(3) Install Radio & Lockpick Adapter

(A) Install MYGIG unit car and secure with (4) screw removed from step 1C.
(B) Place Lockpick adapter underneath MYGIG unit(in back of HVAC controls

(4) Perform SAT info EVIC fix using TERK SIR-SP Splitter
*This is only required if you plan on subscribing to Sirius.

(A) Wire the Terk splitter into old sat tuner per picture below

(5) Update MYGIG firmware to version 9.897 or 1.295(latest) to fix Clock

*NOTE – If you do not perform the update correctly you can damage your MYGIG, it will essential turn your MYGIG into a big paper weight or brick, perform update at your own risk*

(A) Insert clock fix CD and follow on-screen instructions
*Do not shut car off while firmware is updating
*After the firmware has updated the system will reboot, WAIT till see the following message on the MYGIG screen.

Update from “9.897 to 9.897”

Press No then Eject the CD. This is the equivalent of the "Your installation is complete" window. Do not eject the CD before you see this screen and click No on it.

(6) Modify Bezel and Install

(A) Many have modified a non-nav bezel to the size of the MYGIG or fill in the nav bezel radio opening with ABS plastic, bondo, prime and paint to color of your choice. For the 300C you have another option of buying a 08 bezel and sanding the sides of the bezel to the same contour of the 05-07 bezel on the bottom 1/3 of the bezel.
(B) Reconnect Clock harness(if applicable), ESP switch harness and HVAC harness and reinstall Bezel
(C) Reconnect Negetive Battery Terminal
(D) Enjoy Radio

Here is picture of NAV bezel that I Modified




Here is 2008 Bezel that was modified to fit 05-07 300C(much easier than above modification)

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