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So I ordered all my stuff from Identity Design and Austin.

First started off with my SS1 Vinyl Kit......He installed it in Oklahoma in February or so and he messed up my Hood Piece. Crinkles all in it. He installed it DRY and I believe he should have used the soapy solution. Didnt say anything because I figured he knew what he was doing since he is supposed to be the PRO and all. He said I need to drive 15 Hours to Jacksonville, FL to have it fixed. If I was the pro, I would not have let the customer leave unhappy about this. Compensation should have been made. I know the Crinkles was unfixable but he used water and soap for some of the other cars, why not mine on something as complicated. But the Non-Straight Cuts should have never happened. Plus he cut more after cut the first one to get it straight, causing cuts in my clear coat.

( Pic of messed up piece )

Then I bought the Engine wrapped pieces. Sent all my parts in to him on May 10th. Gatty 3 rolled around and still no pieces. Instead he sent them to Keon and had Keon bring them to me. Well he sent me no proofs on what I was getting. Not as expected.....I got a design I did not ask for. But was suitable and looked good. My engine cover piece has his Website Address RIGHT ON THE FRONT OF IT....WHAT!!!!!! I did not OK this. Plus he messed up some of the areas by overlapped and the vinyl came to me cracked up. My 3G Fuse Cover was solid Black. Did not ask for this. Hawkeye, Yo and Slayer were there to see this first thing. DID NOT GET MY STRUT COVERS OR FUSE BOX COVER. Austin told me the paint was messed up on them and he had to have them repainted to have the Vinyl stick. He also told me the same thing on my Engine Cover piece. But since he didnt get the vinyl lined up right, I can still see my Orange lines through the cracks. So I know this wasnt repainted.

So months roll on. No communication until I upset him with my rants. Promised they are done and shipping out. Week goes by...Nothing. Promised he will ship them this time.....Nothing. Then he went off the radar. Promised he is sending them again....Nothing.

Posted on his facebook today. He deleted it and told me not to bash him on his facebook. I didnt bash him. Just asked for my parts and why is it taking 4 Months!!!!

Today he told me ( VIA TEXT ) he will not ship my parts that he will not ship my parts back to me ( Which I paid well over $1000 to get done ) until he gets his 09 Tails back. Now, I dont think thats fair. The tails are in a different transaction. He said since I didnt pay a core charge for them. Then he is screwed on the deal. But the main deal was to swap in Gatty in which he couldnt show up to.

So, with not getting my design and the messed up pieces. I was screwed in this deal too.

( MORE Pics Coming Soon of the Messed Up Pieces. )

Now on to the Tail Lights. I paid and Ordered for PAINTED and Smoked Tail Lights. What I got was Solid Smoked Lights. My tops and bottoms were not painted Brilliant Black as I had asked for. Austin offered to fix this, but it would require me to send my tails off my Daily Driver to him or wait for the swap tails to get to him and redo, then send back to me. Then me ship these tails back, costing me another $40.00 for his Mistake. Well, needless to say, I havent gotten them fixed. A refund for the non paint would have been nice. I also asked that the Reverse lights be blacked out but not so black you couldnt see through them. Well, he Fully Blacked them out, so know I have no Reverse Lights either. Not what I asked for. I ordered and Paid for Brilliant Black Paint Sides and Top on Smoked Face. A $100 Difference. What I got was ALL Smoked Tails. Sent my LED Tails to a member here is supposed to send his 09s to Austin.

( Pics of the non painted tails )

So my experience with Austin and Identity Designs is this:


SS1 KIT w/ Headlight Pieces - $280.00
TAILS - $250.00
CLUB LOGOS - $60.00


1 Being Bad - 10 Being Good

Products & Work: 8/10
Communication: 2/10
Trustworthy Replies: 1/10
Shipping Time: 1/10
Items as Described: 3/10

I wouldnt Recommend him anymore and the SS1 Kit is coming off my car soon. If I hadnt spent so much on my Engine Bay, that would come out. Unless I can find someone to sponsor my Engine Bay to Airbrush it and remove the vinyl for me. Sucks I am stuck in that situation at this time.

Well thanks for reading my rant. If any of my Family Z members what to comment, feel free to leave a message in my Vistor Profile or PM Me.



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Contacted my Credit Card Company, which Contacted Paypal.

Today Paypal said that the transcactions that were done via Paypal Funds, can not , get reversed since its past the 45 Days. But you can file a claim that will strike against Austin and if he is repeated, he will get kicked off Paypal as a person to receive funds. Problem is, his Paypal is registered to his Wifes Maden Name, So make sure you give the Paypal Rep the alias' which are AUSTIN SMITH, MONICA SMITH, [email protected] and [email protected] and HIS ADDRESSS plus PHONE NUMBER. That aways, he can not just make another Paypal Account and continue to take peoples money and parts.

If he comes through, you can call back and get the claim reversed. I am hoping he comes through for me because I would hate to see his business go down.

I sent him an email stating that I was having a LARGE ( Best in Arkansas ) Car Show this weekend and was dedicating it to my Fallen Uncle and that I wanted my car perfect since my family was coming to town. So I needed the rest of my stuff to complete my engine bay. He said, "I will have them out Monday". "The items are finished and ready to go". Well I didnt get anything. He lied once again.

So if you are past your 45 Days with Paypal, Call them anyways. You will need to go to the HELP Section on Paypals Website, Click Disputes, Click Open Disputes, Then click the CONTACT BY PHONE link. It will give you a PIN NUMBER in which you have 60 Minutes to call them on.

Also, The Banks and Paypal suggest that we go to WWW.IC3.GOV ( An FBI Website ) and Report Online Fraud for his company.

If my items are not with me ( Or picked it by a local ) I will be using the FBI Website.

I have also contacted my Attorney in case a legal action is needed for pursuing against him and his company.

Just letting you guys know.

Also, When sending out Payments, Make sure that you Send Paypal Payments as GOODS or SERVICES. Never as GIFT. This applys to Business's for the Most Part.

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Now I am getting Messages from him Yesterday saying that " I am playing games with him" "He will not ship my Engine Parts until the Tail Lights are sent to him"

1. Tail Lights deal is in a different transaction. I held up all my ends on the deal. Nitmare ( a member here ) is out of town and trying to get them sent to Austin. I sent Nitmare my LED Tails in an exchange Deal. I dont have the tails to ship out. Austin knew of all this deal and agreed to it before I would have paid a Core. The original deal was to do this swap all in Gatty which Austin didnt show for.

2. He didnt paint my tails on Top and Side with Brilliant Black Paint. All I got was Smoked Tails. The Painted ones cost $250.00 which I paid. Just Smoked ( Which I got ) is only $150.00 - Thats a $100.00 difference.

I asked Austin to forgot fixing my tails and put my $100.00 towards the tails core charge.

He has not responded at all to this. Whats New??

Austin, I sent you my parts that belong to me! Not You!. You dont own then. I FULLY Paid for the Vinyl work to be done on them. FULLY PAID!! Transaction done on my end. Now Fulfill Yours. :mad:

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Well Austin Recieved my 09 Tails from Nitmare.

Label/Receipt Number: 0310 1230 0000 5569 4421

Expected Delivery Date: October 4, 2010
Class: Priority Mail®
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™
Status: Delivered

Your item was delivered at 12:52 pm on October 04, 2010 in SAINT JOHNS, FL 32259.

Detailed Results:
Delivered, October 04, 2010, 12:52 pm, SAINT JOHNS, FL 32259
Arrival at Post Office, October 04, 2010, 9:07 am, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32256
Processed through Sort Facility, October 02, 2010, 8:07 pm, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32099
Acceptance, October 01, 2010, 12:06 pm, WINCHESTER, VA 22601

BUT :mad:

Now he will not reply or answer my emails, texts or Facebook Messages.

My end is all taken care of. Now he needs to send me my parts. Then I wont contact him again.

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Austin finally replied to my texts and emails about 2 weeks ago. Just after posting the above statement.

He said he will send me my parts when it is convenient for him and that he cant just drop everything in his life and ship these out. He has a family to take care of.

WTF???!!! Does he not understand that I PAID HIM my hard earned money for him and his business to service my parts.

Now he is just screwing me around. He then went on to say that he will have them in the mail by Friday, October 22nd.

Well it has been 8 Days since that date and no parts. :po:

Really shows his character here.

I am telling you guys. I am a heart beat around ready to just drive down to Jacksonbville, FL. Visit Family while I am in the area. Then go by to pay ID a visit.

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