Low Beams Dimming and noise (video) Please Help

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    Notice dimming and noise with headlights at 0:02 - 0:15 and a few more times after. Keep eyes on cement wall for dimming headlights. May have to turn your volume slightly up to hear click and humming.

    I recently removed a a set of plug and play HID kit after 5 years. One of the HID bulbs was reaching its end. It required me to turn the headlights on and off a few times before turning on. So I simply take them off and plug a set of new 9006XS low beam bulbs. Everything seemed to go well except for an extra connection which is coming off the relay box(located directly above the left headlight). This extra connection ran over to the right headlight and fed one of the HID ballast. I made sure to cover it with a spare connector to prevent any water or dirt from getting in.

    The problem begins when at night I notice my headlights slightly dimming every time I accelerated my car. My first step was to check the battery and alternator. Battery is less than a year old and read 12.4 with vehicle off/ 14.6 when car is on / 14.4 with full load(AC, low and hi beams, fog lights, radio, rear defrost). So it seems alternator held strong. When I shut off car I check battery and charge is at 13.3 slowly going back down.(So alternator is charging battery) Then one day as I'm parking I notice a weird low hum/noise as my headlights are dimming. So that is what you will see and hear in video.

    One thing I noticed is the hum/noise completely went away after my low beams were turned off. With only the fog lights on there is absolutely no noise or dimming. Any help is appreciated. Let me know what this could be or where I could possibly start troubleshooting. I will definitely follow up and update this convo with what ends up fixing the problem.

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