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After some research I now have move questions than before ! I have a 18 GT AWD so it has the famous wheel gap. I need that aggressive pissed off look of an RT SRT - ( no I cant go buy one at this time) anyway - with the wheels - would going 20s x8.5 i think the RT wheels are fix the gap and what tires size has anyone has success with?
Or lowering I saw some cut springs and some other options so where has anyone had the best luck and ease of issues with this goal. LOVE the car just need it more angry at the world.... ( on a budget damn kids LOL)
and I will not even start on the exhaust questions because all I want is a small rumble a smidge above stock which i would think would be just muffler swap but good lord to what?? Flowmaster 44? 40?
TIA folks!
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