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So the time came when I needed to change my brakes and I thought (I have no idea why) I'd purchase from a non-supported vendor as they had the best price on the EBC's I originally wanted.

Well long story short they sent me only 3 brake pads, banged up and in the retail box no-less (I work for Fedex and we have fairly strict standards on packages so I'm a little anal when stuff gets shipped to me.)

After a month of arguing with this vendor I told them to shove it where the sun don't shine and got my money back. Then I waited a little bit, researched a bit as evidenced by one of my threads and finally purchased the Hawk HPS brake pads from Maryland Speed. After a slight delay and one e-mail I sent followed by a reply by Jen (many thanks to you, ma'am) my brake pads came in yesterday and I got 'em installed today by myself.

I am very appreciative of the quick response as well as the quick turn around on these pads. I've never had a company reply so promptly via the internet so I am very impressed and will be hittin' y'all up soon for an air intake and predator.
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