Need help...... 09 Police Charger or 13 RT charger

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    Ive never owned a mopar and spent my entire life a chevy guy untill I was about 30 and had back to back issues with a suburban and a monte ss, Then I became a ford guy and all my current vehicles are ford.
    My ol ladies navigator broke down and so she is driving my crown vic and I got stuck driving the e350 stalker van that I bought for a campervan project.

    Im in dire need of a new vehicle. Ive never used my credit (good) for a car loan but think its time.
    Im having a bit of a mid life crisis and want something sporty with a strong v8. I cant afford a new 5.0 mustang, and the old 4.6s are slow.....Dont want anymore chevys, then I start looking into Dodge and realize Ive never owned one.

    Long story short..... been reading for days about the 5.7s,chargers,challengers,etc... and bank approved me for up to a 15k loan for a car.
    I hate being in debt and lived my whole life with the philosophy of if I cant cash it out then I dont have business driving it. But.... Im sick of driving the big creeper van everywhere.

    I could afford $400-500 a month on loan/ins payments but would really have to pinch every dollar.
    Would be more comfortable at around $300-350 a month. Dont want to be paying on it forever either.

    This leads me to my dilemma.
    I found an 09 police charger for cheap....$6k. Its stone white, super clean but high mileage of 145k.
    It has the VVT 5.7 in it and not sure if these are reliable at higher miles. Ive worked on all my own cars so would expect issues down the road and dont mind changing accessories but im just afraid of worse issues as im not sure of the reliability of these VVT 5.7s. Besides that it has plain cloth interior, crappy radio, shifter on column....which I could live with due to being cheap. Good thing is I could pay the loan off within a year.

    Then theres a super clean wicked looking 2013 RT I found For $14k with 95k miles. Gray (Granite Crystal Metallic Clearcoat), Blacked out alloy rims, it really looks sweet. Bad thing is it is over twice the cost and would really be pinched tight for 4 years untill paid off but it might come with less headaches although 4 years of payments would be a headache in itself.

    Im going nuts trying to decide. Any thoughts on the 2009 VVT MDS 5.7 and if 145k miles should severely worry me? Any other thoughts or suggestions?

    I appreciate it!

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