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First off i would like to say sorry about making a thread that has prob been answered several times, but out of everything i have searched i cant find a good solution on my situation.

Ok my mods so far are, cold air intake, Super spartan cam, JBA 2.5 inch shorty headers, JBA 2.5 inch high flow midpipes, then flowmaster 40 series muffler and no resonator.

So i have the 2.5 inch shorties and midpipes, BUT it bottles down to the stock 2.25 inch catback with the exception of the muffler. I know switching the catback to 2.5 inch wouldnt hurt obviously, but is it really worth the upwards of 500 bucks for the system?

Does the cam swap make it flow so much more that an extra .25 inch diameter will make a huge difference?

Thanks for any input.
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