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Ok, I upgraded my speakers to 2- 6.5 rockford fosgate punch p1s652 for the front and 2 rockford fosgate 6x9s p1694 for the rear and i am addin a 8 inch kicker sub 10c84 with a Jensen 760 watt amp. Specs are:
6.5s- rms 55 watts peak 110 4 ohm
6x9s- rms 75 watts peak 150 watts 4ohm
8inch sub -rms 100 watts peak 200 watts 4ohm
Amp- 75wx 4 @ 4 ohms
100w x 4 @ 2 ohms
190w x2 (bridged)@ 1 ohm
Ok here is my questions-
1. Should I wire the 6.5s in parallel?
2. OR should I wire both 6.5s and 6x9s in parallel and bridge the sub.
3. OR should i wire the 6.5s in parallel and then hook up the 6x9s and sub each on its own channel.
I plan to keep the fatory head unit and go with a line convertor from maxxsonic for now. the 3x5s are staying on head unit they are kickers.
Just trying to get the most out of what I got. will this hurt my speakers or amp? THanks everyone.
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