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New Member. 2013 Charger RT.

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Happy to find this forum. Just recently bought a 2013 Charger RT. 110k miles. 9/10 interior, 7.5/10 exterior. MOPAR CAI, Corsa exhaust, oil catch can. Has a busted spot on the passenger side front bumper need to fix and struts/suspension need replaced soon. Wanting to put a throttle controller and tuner on it soon. Doing an oil change and treatment this weekend then a 100k service following weekend. After that I’ll be getting the bumper fixed, then new tires, and maybe headers in the future. Looking forward to asking and answering questions. Cheers.
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Welcome from AZ.
Welcome from a NJ fellow 2013 R/T owner.
Probably cheaper and easier to replace the whole fascia than repair the damage.
Even Amazon sells it, and tons on eBay.
Make sure to get LOTS of push-pins, the whole nose is held on with a bunch of them and two bolts on each side.
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Welcome to the forum from Western NY. Nice looking RT.
Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy the site!
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