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No power

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I have a 2017 Daytona charger. I went to start it and my screen started flashing different messages ranging from put my security code in, which I have no idea to turn off my seat warmers. Push start button was in run position but the engine wasn't started. My mph and rims were registering like the motor was on. The trunk wouldn't open so I crawled thr the back seat to open and disconnected the positive on the battery just so everything would shut off then I reconnected. Now when you open the door no lights come on. The only thing that is staying lite is the gear selector. If I try to move my power seat the light on the gear shift goes off. I replaced the battery in the key fob but still have no power

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If it's the car's original battery it's 6 years old and probably going south.
All sorts of electrical gremlins pop up with a bad battery. You should clear any codes after sorting out the battery and see if things return to normal.
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It is the original battery. I will try that suggestion. Thank you
Thanks NJMOPAR, that worked. The thing now is not everything has come back. No sound from the radio, no back up camera and I can't access the preformance pages.
Every time i disconnect the battery from my 2015 Chrysler 300 the radio freaks out with a 8.4 4C radio swap, satellite radio is not there, back up camera does not show, SRT pages and Drive modes are gone, heated steering and seats gone , and ventilated seat are also gone. But the bluetooth and sound do work. So i just let the car sleep for 45 minutes to an hour, locked it and leave it there. If you open the door the timer will reset.
Battery wise, with any negative ground vehicle, ALWAYS disconnect negative cable first and reconnect the negative cable last. Helps maintain the correct ‘orientation’ of the electrical system.

Regarding batteries, ALWAYS fully charge the battery and load test the battery before discarding. Load Testing means using the correct load tester and NOT a voltmeter. I’ve often gotten 5+ years out of car batteries.
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