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Hello everyone,

Recently, we were getting an error before that required some "expensive" work at the dealership.
They replaced 6 sparkplugs and all 12 rockers (ugh). This was around July 29, 2019.

Well today (August 9, 2019), My wife's dad took her to work, and on his way home, the Dreaded "Check Engine" light came on (It's like the Blue screen of death on computers?).

Well when he got home, He told me about it, so I got my code reader out and checked it out.
Just as the title says, it came up as "P0430".

After doing some reading up on that code, I guess it's a choice of O2 sensor or catalytic converter?
Or could it be something "THEY" did, and a hose is off or something? Is this something that needs to be checked very quickly or can wait a bit?

I'm taking it in tomorrow to get the brakes done (under warranty (whew)), and wondering if I should just have them check that out as well? TIA!
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