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Pics of 255 50 ZR19 tire fitment

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I just got a set of Continental ExremeContact DWS 06 in the above mentioned size on stock rims. They are a plus 0 size for anyone that didn't know and going to this size opens up options and lowers the cost of tires.

So for anyone curious of how these fit, here you go:


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Have you had any issues with your car wobbling under acceleration? I put these tires on about 2 years ago and Ive had a horrible wobble when gunning it. Ive had suspension checked by 2 different shops and they both say its my tires.
I've got an appointment to get Nokian Haakapalita Studded 255/50/19's put on my 2018 Charger GT AWD + super track pack (I live in Alaska). I'm not confident theres enough room for snow AND the tires in the wheel wells, so I will let ya'll know. Anybody else using anything besides the DWS tires in 255/50/19?
Any updates on this
First time posting I have a 2015 dodge charger sxt rallye. Did a few mods but would love to beef up the look. Read all these and just want to know if the 255/50/19 will work and if anyone has any updates. Thank you very much
21 - 23 of 23 Posts