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So since I was a kid, I've always had a fascination with the Dodge Charger. My dad had an older model charger, and as a kid we would hit the highway pretty frequent, at any time during the day or night. It was unlike anything my little heart could imagine. Listening to the roar of the engine, the wheels on the pavement screeching while taking the foot hills within the back roads, all while the air was rushing around the car, and the cabin alike. It's no wonder that since I obtained my license, my choice of vehicle was obviously the dodge charger. I've had five since then.

A year ago I bought a 2012 Dodge Charger, SE model due to the great deal I got on the car, my sixth charger. The vehicle (although a V6) was very quick at take off, and instantly fell in love with not only the way the car felt, but looked as well. Since I bought the car, it was almost like a honey moon, between the car and I. I upgraded everything I could imagine. Between a spoiler, to a cold air intake and a suggestion which I wish I had not taken, a tuner or throttle tuner which I placed on the car. I had a friend who placed it on his car, and spoke very highly about it. I test drove his car, and man did it feel great when it came to the acceleration of the car. The tuner is called a "Pedal Commander", it does a very simple thing, by sending signals to the throttle body to open up even more, even when just barely pressing on the accelerator. Well depending on what mode you had it on. Being the speed junky I am, I ran it in Sport plus....probably more than I should have.

After around a month of having the pedal commander on the car, I was running the car around 60 mph in a 55 mph zone. Suddenly the lighting bolt light on my dash starting flashing, while the RPMs of my car starting to rapidly accelerate. While doing this, the app which the tuner came with starting flashing as well. I immediately pulled over, where I turned off the car, and just waited praying that everything was okay. After a few minutes I turned back on the car, and with everything appearing to be okay I started on my way again. However, when pulling into my driveway, the vehicle started to do it again exactly the same as before. I pulled in, repeated the process and then immediately took the tuner off of the car. Since taking the tuner off, the car was different. When stopped at a red light, or stop sign the car had a problem pulling out. The car would act like a wind up toy, then would shoot forward.

After looking at some forums it was apparent to me that it was the throttle body. So a brand new one was placed on the car. However, nothing changed. So out of desperation, and not wanting to feel like the car was suffering, I took it to my "friendly" Dodge Dealership for service, explaining to them the issues with the car and what I had been experiencing. It was said not to worry that it was the spark plugs.....$350 was not. Then it was just said that it was due to the old age of the car. Not knowing what else to do, I just continued on determined to find a solution. I found another forum, where I had seen where replacing the travel sensor (the pedal) could solve the sluggishness of the vehicle. So I did. I bought a pedal off of ebay and installed it the first day it came in. For two (2) days, I had my charger back. Throttle was great, and went when I needed it to. It was great! I was thrilled. Barely pushing on the pedal, it was ready to go!

For two days I let the car sit, where I had time off from work, just so I could give it a break. Two days later I got in, started it up and started to drive. The vehicle was back to where it was initially. It's like I hadn't done anything at all to it. The vehicle went back to being sluggish, and feeling worn. While on the highway, it felt like I had to push the pedal to the floor to get any feedback, and even then the rpm's were dangerously high.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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