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Read Carefully!

No those aren’t my eBay post just a reference on rarity and price they run...and no I don’t want nearly what they are offering on eBay but I will be posting them to eBay soon for a higher price.

I have two sets of 100th Anniversary Dodge Charger/Challenger Seats 2014 year.. will fit into 2011 and up.

One set is black

Other set is burgundy and black

Both in great condition.

Both sets are currently installed in my chargers. Easy bolt in and bolt out though.

Very Rare google them and they probably will not pop up nor will they be for sale.

Will keep them but I’m thinking on selling this to update/upgrade my old school for summer.

Price is best offer thrown. Definitely different then any other dodge seats I’ve seen maybe the closest competitor is the beige leather set.

No none of my parts are stolen, I work in the automotive field working on insurance cars and sometimes I run along things I can purchase and I desire.


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