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well, I wanted to share a recent experience.

I bought some replacement headlights for my baby. Then I decided to sell them. I liked the stock look better after all.

There are a few other 11’s and 12’s at work so my wife wanted me to try there. Being a supervisor, I felt it unethical to try to sell at work, so to the Facebook Marketplace I went.

There were a few nibbles but no bites, so I dropped the price. Got a few more nibbles and guess what, a bite and a catch.

After the usual exchanges, I offered to meet the guy about 20-30 miles away.

It turned out he was at a car show.

I texted him and waited. Then I see a guy from work. We chat a bit and he says he bought some headlights and was waiting to meet the seller.

Yes, Mr. Ethical ended up selling to a guy at work after all. Oh well, it was a great car show for a good cause.
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