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My car is a 2019 R/T Blacktop and yesterday I installed the Hellcat grill. Having earlier purchased and installed the Mopar CAI before reading up on the drawbacks I decided to do my homework on the grill install. Two things I’ve noticed while doing it: the front end disassembly is pretty straight forward. Lots of helpful videos on YouTube. For those of you with the mopar CAI, you will need to compromise a little. The hellcat tube wont work with the air box that comes with the Mopar CAI since it has a square hole instead of a round one. Furthermore, the more important piece is the Hellcat radiator shroud:
The stock R/T one is completely covered. I think this is the biggest downfall for the Mopar CAI. Installed without the Hellcat shroud, it is blocked from any cool air coming through the grill. Even without the tube installed, I can see the blue air filter in my car from the “nostril” in the new grill:

I think with this setup, the Mopar CAI is certainly getting more access to cooler air via the Hellcat grill.


For sure the hellcat tube would make it better, but I think this alone is helping. I test drove the car to see if I could observe any difference, and I will say that intake air temps seemed be slightly lower, and dropped more rapidly when the car was moving. All in all, the radiator shroud is the key here and crucial to anyone that has a mopar CAI.
I kept the stock lower grill. I know the mesh pattern is different, but the lower one still matches the one for the hood scoop. They don’t make one that will match for it, so I’d have something not matching regardless. Just some food for thought. In hind sight, I would have opted for the Hellcat box and saved the cash, but I think this works as well as anything.


edit:added some more pics.
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