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Hey everyone, so today i finally got the new SRT front fascia on my 2011 R/T. I originally got this because i wanted to improve the look of the car as well as repair some damage done in a small fender bender. I ordered this one off a kit from Ebay, about 560 bucks for everything. This is quality fiberglass and not the durflex crap so that was a good sign. the kit came with the bumper, 2 fog light bezels, upper and lower honey-comb grille, an SRT badge and a pair of fog lights with H11 connectors. I haven't hooked up the fog lights because i am waiting on the new connectors to arrive.
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so make sure you pay attention and keep these pieces, they are important and need to stay with the bumper to make it sit correctly.
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these clips were a total nightmare, so be careful with them. when attaching the new fascia, the holes do not line up, so you may have to drill new ones, so watch for that

hope you guys like the write-up and the finished product!
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Very nice. Thanks for sharing your work. I'm seriously thinking of this conversion for the Cop Car.
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