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Hi guys - sad news, I'm pretty sure my car was broken into last night in my driveway... my radar, my GPS, and my Trinity are all missing. I know I had it yesterday because I had to clear a P2068 code and then tossed it in my back seat... I keep my GPS in my glove box when I don't use it and it is missing, along with the mount, but the ball-end suction cup thing was still sitting on my passenger seat and my glove box was open...

Maybe I forgot to lock my car last night... my own fault then.

Anyway, two questions...

1 - Is there any way to recover a serial # from the Trinity? I checked my invoice where I bought it from and I'm still waiting to reach out to the seller to see if their invoice has a serial # on it.

2 - Is there any way to restore the original backup to the ECM without a Trinity? My ECM is flashed (THANKFULLY, I have a backup saved on my laptop) but I'd like to get the original put back on in case something goes wrong... without buying a new one for $600...
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