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I am seeing if there is any interest out there in my 381, 2006 based stroker, it will be sold as a long block. FIRST OFF THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS ENGINE! Willing to seperate headers/exhaust/block - not seperating heads from the block.
Just going a different route! It has NGK plugs, FRI under drive pulley, FRI S/S heads:

Let me break it down:
1300 for headers
200 for underdrive pulley
5000 for stroker + core
750 for exhaust
2000 for heads + core
80 for plugs
75 for 6.1 injectors
300+ for tuning

33% lower than what was paid for only 15k miles and I'm not asking for cores which equates to about 40% off. Can't get any better than this guys. Add a ported intake manifold, sell the parts you don't want individually. I'll even throw in a free A/F wideband.

-forged crank using a 1.88 honda rod journal
-stroke is a 3.79. bore is 4.00
-rod is a 6.125 eagle h beam
-10.2:1 compression and its displacement is 381 cid
- bearings in the motor are also coated

I will be including my SLP headers with O2 bung welded in and SLP loudmouth 1 exhaust as well it is a package, basically all you need to transform your RT into a beast. It has a great tune from Johan, all the parts have about 15k on them.

It is a great setup that I've hit 380-407 rwhp with about equal torque on different dyno's and tunes. I have never had any problems with the engine, have driven from TX to TN a few times. I will be keeping my TB it has the stock intake manifold on it with 6.1 injectors.

You're basically saving thousands for an all in one package. It will be available in LATE NOVEMBER. A 1k deposit can secure it. NO CORES WANTED/NEEDED. You're basically getting the headers, pulley,exhaust, headwork, cam, and tune for free taking the guess work out of it by a proven setup. All this for the price of a supercharger or shortblock. It is tuned for a 87mm TB. Throw a ported 6.1 intake manifold on it I think it'd be complete. I have never been to the track, never had any NOS hooked up to this combo. I've always taken great care of the motor with reg oil servicing with mobil 1 or royal purple. Only issues I know of is slight surface rust on the headers and a dent in I believe the cat from scraping one time on a high speed bump. Everything else is natural wear and tear on the exhaust.

Ask TNMM, specifically PeterParker about this engine - we've raced on the highway up to 145-150mph and she was still wanting to climb. I think it's safe to say it gave his 300 SRT H/C a decent run until he pulled away!

Get on youtube, search for 381 stroker to hear this monster. I am currently in Afghanistan and do not have pictures I apologize.

-6000+ shipping

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Just sending an Afghanistan morning BTT!
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