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A buddy of mines a master mechanic and he gave me this Matco Tools MicroJump for a birthday gift. I usually would never promote anything other than Charger Persuits but this little gizmo kept me from being stuck in the middle of nowhere on a cross country road trip. 1585 miles from Arkansas to Massachusetts. I got here with zero issues of my 2014 Dodge Charger 5.7L Persuit
I gotta tell you, it was a very comfortable drive with the seat adjusting high and tight for driving in 500 miles runs for a rest at a truck stop or rest area. The seats adjust and recline back for a good rest. I had zero mechanical issues at all. This car runs like a dream. My getting here however, I sit in the car and listen to the radio when my friends are at work while reading these forums and having a smoke. Being here alone 9 hours of the day I go to the Charger often listening to tunes and didn't think about charging the battery with a crank of the engine. Alternators there for a reason jackass. Ok, so not one of my shining moments because I know better. Anyway, this little jump box is smaller than my cellphone and did exactly what it was meant to do.
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