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Tint % with pics?

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I'm about to be getting my car windows tinted, but having some trouble figuring out what I want. The legal limit in SC is must allow more than 27% - I'm thinking I'll do 30%, but where I'm at they don't seem to care too much about tint and I may drop to 20%. Thoughts/advise?
Also, it's illegal to have tint on the windshield here - Is it common to not tint the windshield or do we all just say F it? :ROFLMAO:

Post some pics of your tint!! Thanks guys!
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As both a former EMT and law enforcement officer, it escapes my reasoning that. In the interest of “looking sharp” drivers are willing to not only sacrifice their safety, but that of their
passengers by tinting their windshields and tail lights (and occasionally headlights).
This deprives both the driver if the tinted vehicle from possibly seeing hazards oncoming, but drivers behind them from seeing their tail lights
during foggy and inclement weather conditions, that could result in a rear-end collision or worse,
A chain of collisions.

I thing making your ride look great is fine!
But think about the consequences of what you are doing.., and weigh the risks??
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