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transformed and repainted dodge charger srt8 2007

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I want to transform the exterior of my dodge charger
full custom painting
interior modifications
some details and advice would be welcome, for the dismantling of unpainted elements
door trims
door and door weatherstripping
and it is preferable to remove the doors, bonnet, rear trunk


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With enough money anything is possible, but it will make the most sense to do everything at the same time. You don't want someone working on a freshly painted car to redo the interior, and you don't want a painter ripping the car apart to get at all the seams and jams.
Best to find a custom shop that can do it all as a single job in one location.
Be prepared to spend up to 10 times what the car is worth.
I plan to do the dismantling myself, to prepare it for painting, the painting will be done by a friend.
Good luck then.
Your car looks good now.
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From what I can see, the interior and exterior look really good for a 2007. If it were my car I would just take it to a good detail shop and let them bring out the New OEM look.
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with reflection, I think I will only do a complete detailing of my load
add black bands on the roof, hood, trunk, on the sides at door level
do a big complete interior exterior cleaning, interior doors
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Make sure to use a clay bar to remove any surface grit before applying stripes or you'll have an ocean of tiny bumps in the vinyl.
I'm going to do a complete interior exterior cleaning.

refurbished and maintained rubber weatherstripping

I want to lubricate and silicone them

my questions is, it is possible to remove these weather stripping easily from the box, to facilitate their maintenance and past the silicone spray
red arrow pictures
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They're probably glued in with maybe built-in clips.
Either way you'll need new ones because the old ones will most likely be damaged removing them.
I'd go with a rubber seal protector (303 makes one) instead of silicone, less messy. Spray some on a microfiber cloth and wipe them down.
here is the style of detailing that I want to do on my charger
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The top stripes are probably available from several vendors, the side ones look specific to one company.
with my brother we are going to do the complete cleaning of my dodge
to spray the product on the weather stripping more easily and not get it all over the bodywork, we are going to remove them all carefully (I think my brother has found a passion for this
with my brother we are going to do the big complete cleaning of the dodge charger, we will also carefully remove the weather stripping, to facilitate their maintenance and the passage of the product
my brother has found a passion on my task, for the removal of rubber weather stripping,
and he says while singing (I remove the weather stripping from my brother's dodge charger)
Interrupted weather stripping at the door hinges
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You may be overthinking the weatherstripping.

I use either Pflege Stift or Sil-Glyde silicone spray on my weatherstripping. Plefge Stift includes an applicator and goes on pretty clean, but if you're concerned about getting it on the paint, you can use the Sil-Glyde (or another high-quality silicone spray). Just spray it on a cloth or the applicator of your choice and apply sparingly. Personally, I would never remove weatherstripping to clean it.

Your SRT seems to be in beautiful condition, it's a great color, and I would not let anyone get near it with a paint gun.

I appreciate that you're on the Continent, and that car culture is different there. I'd just like to share with you that here in North America where your car was built, most of the Chargers you see that are as striped-up as the white Charger in your picture are generally driven by either children or posers.
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