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A little over a week ago I purchased an '08 R/T with 64k miles. I've noticed some hesitation and shuddering when shifting between lower gears. At low speeds the car seems to shudder and sometimes thump as it accelerates and decelerates. I've noticed it mainly from stop to 25-30 mph with very little acceleration. If I'm driving in stop and go traffic and feathering the gas, you go to press back down on the pedal and it shutters and jumps a bit or it hesitates as it decelerates.

Did a throttle recalibration and it drove fine yesterday. Today I woke up and drove the car to work and it sounded odd, seemed to be idling louder, some light clicking from the engine, and the hesitation or shuddering when shifting seems to be back. Is the clock-like ticking sound normal? I may have not noticed it with the radio but I don't think I heard it at all until this morning. The car is also now making a clicking noise under the shifter when engaging the brakes while in park. I'm thinking bad shift interlock solenoid. Seems to be shifting a little clunky between park and reverse as well.

I'm going to be taking it back to the dealer (used car place) because they have a 30 day warranty to have them take a look at it. I called the dealership and they said they knew about the trans hesitating like that and it was par for the course with the charger's hemi. Other than the solenoid what should they be looking at? I'm thinking they should at least top off the transmission fluid if not flush it completely. The car only has 64k miles on it so it seems odd to me that the transmission should be acting funky at this age.

Lastly, from research it seems like a lot of this can be solved by a PCM/TCM update for the Charger if it hasn't had one yet. Is there anyway to tell if this was done by the previous owner? I checked the VIN on the mopar site and it shows completed recalls but nothing else. CARFAX doesn't show anything helpful. I called my local dodge dealer and they said they couldn't tell me if an update was needed, that I would have to bring it in and spend 135 on the diagnostic fee. Is there anyway to tell if the update is needed without paying the dealer?
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