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Question 1:

Okay, so my problems all began when I noticed a leak under my oil filter adapter housing, I had my father take a look, and in attempts to save me money he offered to replace the O-Rings for the adapter as he didn't see any cracks. I agreed. Well he offered to also change my oil at the same time, as well as offering to pay for the items needed. In the process he accidentally drained the transmission fluid. It was a heavy green color. No big deal, he pumped what was dropped back in through the side of the transmission with the car jacked level and at recommended temp. No harm, no foul, right?

Wrong.. Ever since, my car has shifted at higher RPM's than I recall when first getting the car. It shifts into Reverse awfully harsh at times. As far as I know there wasn't much/if any fluid lost in the process, however, I wasn't present when he drained but spills weren't evident. Any ideas? I bought the car used at 27k, and am now at 52k. I'm not sure about the powertrain warranty or anything of that nature.

Question 2:

Also, when I traced my VIN just to see what kind of transmission it was, it states the car has a 5-speed NAG1 transmission, but the sticker on the side says to only use 8-speed fluid? After doing some searching and comparing, I've found that it actually has an 8-speed, the same as this one:

But why would my VIN trace say it has a 5-speed NAG-1 when it has an 8-speed?
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