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Set #1 - Staggered TSW Nurburgring Wheels 20"x8.5" for the front and 20"x10.5" in the rear. The front rims are wrapped with Continental ExtremeContact DW 245/45R20 tires and the rears are Nitto NT 555 G2 315/35R20. There's about 7.5/32" remaining up front and 8.5/32" in back. The full set would cost you about $2,700 brand new, but I'm offering them up for $1,350. The tires are in great condition and the rims as well. The front right rim had some curb rash which was touched up. You can find the road rash if you're looking for it, but otherwise I don't think it stands out.

Set #2 - OEM Wheels for my 2012 Super Bee. Two rims have 275/40R20 General G-Max AS-03 tires with about 5.5/32" remaining and two have 275/40R20 Hankook Ventus V12 tires with about 6.5/32" remaining. There's no curb rash on these rims, and they're overall in really great condition. They were only on the car for about 10,000 miles. I'd like to get the same $1,350 for this set as well.

I can take more detailed photos and/or provide more detailed information for anyone that's interested. I live in Kirkland, WA which is near Seattle.


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