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Undercarriage magnum

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Hello, I know this is a magnum question but I couldn't get membership there. Does anyone know what this piece is called and how important it is. As I was changing springs I noticed this was all bent. It is rubbing on the exhaust but I don't know how essential it is. Probably go to eBay and see what it goes for but don't know what it would be called, or if it can stay probably get a wrench and try to twist it back

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Not really what I call thick, its stamped out of sheet metal. Looks like they backed over something and twisted it.
A pipe wrench with her on a lift can get her twisted enough to remove and replace "BUT" - Take care not to bend and break off the studs. I bet any year LX or LD will fit. Salvage yard easy find.
I would not leave it off.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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