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My 2006 SXT, with a 2007 3.5l engine, has started making what sounds like a vacuum leak whine coming from behind the driver side rear tire. It begins when I start the car and is louder from outside the car than inside. The sound does not change pitch or loudness at higher rpm. There is also no difference with the a/c on or off. I thought of the fuel pump, but there are no problems starting or with acceleration.

The car also started throwing a p0300 code. It runs fine when first started, but after warmed up it will idle at a very low rpm and start shaking a bit when at a stop. At anything over 1000rpm it no longer has any shaking.

I have freeze frame data, but I'm not really sure how to interpret it.
I have STFT B1 (%) 13.25
LTFT B1 (%) -7.03
STFT B2 (%) 14.06
LTFT B2 (%) -7.03

From the videos and reading I've done it seems like these numbers are showing a vacuum leak.
Just did my first engine swap and I'm still learning so I apologize in advance for any obvious information I should have included but didn't.
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