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Event 1 - Three run groups - (5) 30 minutes sessions - ran all 5 - Sunny and 75
Event 2 - Two run groups - (7) 30 minute sessions - ran all 7 - Sunny and 95
Event 3 - Three run groups - (5) 30 minute sessions - ran all 5 - Sunny and 95

Stock all season Firehawk GT tires (12k on them during event 1, and about 16k miles on them during event three)
Stock brakes with CarboTech XP8 pads on track days
Upgraded to Duralast Gold 43087DG (Autozone part number) front rotors after stock ones warped despite being properly torqued every time tires were removed and re-installed.

Event 1 went well. Got a good feel for the car by the end of the day. All seasons not great at the track but made me pay attention to my lines more and the sport mode did well. No issues with brake fade but made a point to be smooth into and out of the turns and didn't run hard to the braking point and then ride the brakes hard before entering the turns.

When swapping pads back to daily driver pads I did cook the tips of the stock caliper piston dust boots. However, the caliper piston seals were fine and it appeared to be mostly caused by boot touching the back of the brake pad.

Event 2 went well also. Very similar to event 1. 20 degrees warmer that day. Very conscious of brake fade since we were running 7 sessions. 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off.

Event 3 - Made some changes since I would be going faster down the straights and therefore need to brake harder (and summer FL temps are high). No braking issues, solid pedal feel all day. Weak point was the tires which I expected, had to take turns slower than I wanted. Definitely started to tear the edges up, but held up fairly well after three track days on all seasons. Rotated them after event 1 and then again after event 2, and then again after event 3. Probably will get a few thousand more street miles on them. Tires squealed if you entered the turns too fast, but I drove what I had to the best of my ability and listened to them to control the car accordingly. Drove within the limits of my setup.
1) Stop Tech stainless steel brake lines (front 950.63003 and rear 950.63501)
([email protected])
2) CarboTech XP8 pads front and rear with stock calipers (CT1058-XP8 front and CT1057-XP8 rear) ([email protected])
3) ATE Type 200 Brake Fluid (Super Blue Racing Fluid) (
Zeckhausen Racing 500.20002)
4) New gray caliper piston seals from Zeckhausen Racing (143.63030 fronts and 143.63032 rears) ([email protected])

Gray caliper piston seals held up better than the stock black thin rubber ones, but still need to be replaced again due to melting at the tips. I plan to try heat shield shims from to go between the brake pad backing plate and the caliper pistons.

My 17 year old son has a 2018 GRAY CHARGER R/T as well (36k miles with newer iMove Gen2 AS tires, we bought the car with 32k miles on it, formerly an Enterprise Rent-a-Car). He has attended events 2 and 3 with me doing the exact same mods at the exact same time. He drove harder than I did and had basically the same results as I did relative to performance. Good HPDE days and no issues. (
upgraded Duralast Gold 43087DG (Autozone part number) front rotors as well)

I do understand that big brake kits are around for a reason, but for HPDE events which are not racing, we have successfully run consistently and safely. The first and second times with stock brake lines and fluid and the third time with stainless lines and high temp fluid. The last two times during the hottest days you encounter in South Florida.

Note: all three times we had proper high temp track pads

I am going to do an HPDE event in two months at Sebring. I plan to make two changes:
1) Add heat shield shims on piston side of calipers to help protect dust boots
2) Upgrade all four tires to Continental Extreme Contact Sport (245/45ZR20)

Thanks for reading and any comments or advice appreciated.


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Nice write-up. Have fun at the track!
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